Store owners

We are happy to offer a 50% discount to brick and mortar store owners.

Here’s our retail store program:

When you purchase at least 4 copies of any one collection you will receive a CD of that collection as your store copy.

With the CD you’ll receive 4 licenses for that collection to resell.  The license is a printed postcard and acts as a receipt, it’s numbered and identified as the collection it represents. 

The CD is packaged in a DVD case with color photography of designs/projects for display.
For example:

Customer: _____________
Collection: Annabelle Bunny

Date of Purchase: May 2018

License: 1 of 4

Price: $19.99 msrp

All you'll need to do is fill in the customer’s name, collect payment then transfer files.

To receive your coupon code:

Call me directly at 203-738-8281 or email me at  Apply coupon at checkout.